Distribute documents (memo, issue, request or scenario)

When working on 9TEAMS documents like a memo, issue, request or scenario, you want to inform and engage stakeholders. Just like when sending out an email you can add 9TEAMS users to the distribution list. All 9TEAMS user types can be added to a document.

In case you want to add a user that is not known yet within the organization, you just type the email address in the distribution list and the user is being created in background as collaborator.

In the example here below, we show how a guest can be added ‘on-the-fly’. When typing ‘firstname.lastname@mail.com’, 9TEAMS will immediately propose to create a collaborator ‘Firstname Lastname’.


Distribution can be done for ALL users in the distribution list

... or just for a single user


Upon distribution, 9TEAMS users will receive an email notification containing all relevant information. Collaborators have easy and read-only access to the document, just by following the coded link. If 9TEAMS managers are not logged in, 9TEAMS will request username and password. Managers will have the possibility to update the document and to invite new users to the document.



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