SAP Activate implementation roadmap

This template defines some project implementation guidelines based on the SAP Activate Methodology. The diagram here below indicates the link between the SAP Activate Methodology and the document categories (memo, issue, request and scenario) in 9TEAMS.



These guidelines have been prepared to speed up the time2value when deploying 9TEAMS for a SAP S/4HANA transformation or Business Suite / On-Premise implementation. 


9TEAMS provides a unique collaboration solution for teams working with a (lean) SAP Activate Methodology as just less than one minute to load all SAP Activate related configuration and content into your 9TEAMS organization. 9TEAMS has a unique positioning for SAP teams, as tasks are being embedded in memos, issues, requests and scenarios. Those documents provide the content and glue that you need in a SAP implementation and support context!



Have a great SAP activate project!



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