SAP Activate Roadmap preloaded as 9TEAMS scenarios

In the scenario menu of this project we have preloaded the standard SAP Activate Methodology Roadmap for Business Suite and On-Premise. There is one scenario for every project phase (Discover - Prepare - Explore - Realize - Deploy - Run). 



Roadmap scenarios are your central building blocks of your Activate Implementation Methodology. Please review them carefully and make updates where necessary. 



Some useful recommendations

  • Update scenario steps according to your specific context.
  • Assign relevant owners to every step in the scenario. Like this you can clearly identify ownership by step. Click here for more info about '9TEAMS user management'.
  • In case you want to distribute a full scenario to other stakeholders, please add them to the distribution list and click 'distribute'. Go to the 9TEAMS help center if you want to learn more about distributing documents.
  • Update the step status by clicking on the step status icon. A comment is mandatory to update the step.



IMPORTANT: Organize, orchestrate and monitor work, by adding tasks to scenario steps.



Assigned task owners will be notified automatically. Learn more about tasks here.

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